Урок 21 – Дьявол носит Prada / The Devil Wears Prada

Драма, Комедия, Мелодрама

Meet Andy Sachs. A million girls would kill to have her job. She’s not one of them.

Урок 20 – Одноклассники / Grown Ups


Boys will be boys… some longer than others.

Урок 18 – Няньки / Twin Sitters

Комедия, Триллер

You’re never home alone when you’re a twin!

Урок 11 – Цыпочка / The Hot Chick


The hottest chick in town just switched bodies with the luckiest loser in the world.

Урок 7 – Семь жизней / Seven pounds


Seven Names. Seven Strangers. One Secret.

Урок 5 – Красотка / Pretty Woman

Комедия, Мелодрама

She walked off the street, into his life and stole his heart.

Урок 2 – Век Адалин / The Age of Adaline


The world has changed in the last century. Adaline has not.

Демо урок – Один дома / Home Alone

Демо-урок, Комедия

When Kevin’s Family Left For Vacation, They Forgot One Minor Detail: Kevin. But Don’t Worry… He Cooks. He Cleans. He Kicks Some Butt.